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Dori (Bollinger) Thompson, Chillicothe, IL

I have been an artist all off my life.  Self-employed, I have experienced painting on
everything from furniture to walls with designs and murals and have painted in every
room in the house, outside of buildings, in restaurants, and the most rewarding: a
dementia wing of a prominent nursing facility.  It was there, that I fell in love with those
with Alzheimer's and wondered, even though they enjoyed watching me paint, what it
would be like for them to hold the brush themselves.  A few years later I was introduced
to Art Without Boundaries where what seems like a heavenly match, was made here on

I am now a Master MnemeTherapist (which means I can train others to do what I do) and
have been a member of AWB for over two years.  It is my passion and is as much a
"calling" as it is my vocation.  I have never been so devoted to anything, except my family
and my faith, like I am to this fine organization.

Having been a single mom for the past ten years, I am recently married and will
eventually move back to the area of my hometown, Mendota, IL.  I currently work in the
central IL area (Peoria) and have traveled as far north, as Woodstock and Elgin, IL to
offer this great service.  I visit nursing facilities, adult daycare facilities, private homes,
schools and work with the foster care program.  I have painted with children with Autism
as young as age two and with seniors as young as 102!  I enjoy working with those with
dementia, and have found working with stroke and Parkinson's patients to be incredibly

Visiting homes of those shut-in with Alzheimer's, allowing family respite time, is always on
my list.  Children with special needs including Down's Syndrome, CP to name a few, offer
such a rewarding experience for all.

Because AWB is a non-profit organization, I am able to fundraise by offering art prints of
the fabulous work my clients have done, accepting donations that provide scholarships
for others.  Last year I was the recipient of a $3000 charity award from Ridley Feeds of
Minnesota.  I share my passion with service organizations and church groups and often
come away with donations that allow me to share my services with those in need in that
locality.  Because I am able to "pay my talents forward" with others, what I do continues
to be paid forward through the generosity of fine folks like you.

Please contact me if you would like to join my team or do what I do in another area of the
country. I will even travel out of the country to see that this program reaches the rest of
the world.  If you know of a missions organization that might benefit, please let me know.  
I am interested in special needs camps as well.  The sky is the limit with where we can go
and who we can help.  This is by far, the most rewarding experience of my life.  
God Bless You!

Art Without Boundaries
At her graduation, Dori receives her "virtual
certificate" from founder and mentor, Noell
Hammer (below)
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